Medical Tourism


Stand September 2017

An important corporate pillar for us is the extensive spectrum of so-called “medical tourism”. The multi-faceted tasks within cross-border healthcare represent a challenge for any organization. The needs of incoming and outbound tourism are as individual as the needs of the patients themselves. That’s why we have been working since decades with established specialists in the market such as clinics and medical specialists in order to provide our clients with optimal care in both the medical and accompanying infrastructural environments.

Currently we are focused on the Russian-speaking clientele market.

According to DER SPIEGEL (46/2013), he largest group of patients outside the EU comes currently from Russian-speaking countries.

We see ourselves positioned principally a link between the medical needs of the patient and the necessary treatment, especially when it applies to Germany.

Recently, we have entered into a cooperation with a service network that has existed for decades in the medical sector.
Our challenge is the complete travel organization (travel planning, booking, completion of all travel formalities) for the patients and any escorts, assistance with visa matters, organization of visitor programs, carrying out of extensive secondary services such as travel preparation including flight pick-up, fulfillment of cultural or religious needs, planning and conducting of leisure activities, cultural and entertainment program as desired and tailor-made sightseeing or shopping tours.

For this purpose, we are looking for suitable, Russian-speaking travel agencies which able to support us professionally in the tasks outlined above.
Please use our contact form in Russian language.

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