Overview of the applicable terms and conditions (GTC)


A) Preliminary note
B) use ratio for use of this site
C) Booking conditions
1. scope
2. arranging travel and other services for third parties
3. Service fee
4. inclusion of standard terms of operators and service providers
5. Customer Obligations
6. Insurance
7. Payment of the price 
8. Liability
D) Travel Conditions
1. Conclusion of the travel contract
2. services and service changes
3. Payment of the price and delivery of travel documents
4. price increase
5. Cancellation by the customer prior to departure (cancellation fees) and rebooking
6. ServicesUnused
7. Termination by us for reasons in the behavior of the traveler
8. Cancellation as a result of not achieving the minimum number of participants
9. Customer Responsibilities
10. Exclusion of claims and limitation
11. Passport, visa and health regulations
12. Duty to identity of the operating air carrier



A) Preliminary note



Dear Travel customer,

please give the information below your attention. Here are some explanations on key below terms regularly used:


Organizers  a travel package will consist of at least two, booked in advance,  certain individual services and  as whole offers (651a BGB §), for example hotel and flight in a  pre-bundling. Contractors will be considered the traveler and the organizer of the trip. In which case an insurance certificate will be issued (§ 651k BGB). The travel agency can – in certain  exceptions – also be organizers of the trip.
Broker  is the one that mediates the travel services between the traveler and the organizer of the trip (§§ 675, 631 BGB). The travel agency is the tour usually mediator.
Service provider is one who renders a service in the travel contract, so the hotel, airline, etc.
travel legislation is the consumer protection law pursuant to § 651a ff. BGB in the initiation and implementation of a (package) trip and regulates the relationship between the traveler and the Tour the trip. For travel individual services travel contract law is applicable if holiday rentals, hotel rooms, mobile homes, etc. are offered by the same organizer.

As soon as a package holiday is booked, the terms and conditions of the tour operator must be observed, through the agency over which it has been booked. Unless booked through an established  travel agent ,the Terms and Conditions must be observed for the mediation. If   individual services have been booked, such as transport or accommodation separately, please refer to the terms and conditions of the respective service provider. If a package tour has been booked through this website a package tour, please refer to our BookingConditions. If booking a package holiday offered by us, please note our general travel conditions. The terms and conditions of the other operators, service providers or suppliers are made available  in that particular reservation.



B) Use of proportion in terms of the use of this website

Please also see the Terms of Use for this site, the general principles of the use of the website and the privacy statements included, and any supplemented information apply to the following provisions.


C) our mediation conditions for the cases in which we are mediators of the trip or power,

D) ourTerms and Conditions for the cases in which we are self-organizers of the trip



C) mediation and Conditions


1. Scope

These terms and conditions apply to our mediation services. The users of the website can here examine the availability of travel and other services according to thier wishes and information and book travel and other services. Additional facilities include general travel information and instructions are also available.

2. arranging travel and other services for third parties

1. We act as intermediaries between the organizer of (package) Travel and other providers of services and customers (users of this site) and are not involved either as a partner in the provision of the service. That will differ only if we are named or are offering services as marked; in this case our regulated travel conditions ( part D) apply.
2. The offers that we present on the Internet represent are not binding offers by us or the respective tour operator or provider. By entering his data and submitting the online form, the customer makes a binding contract offer. The contract comes into effect when the customer accepts the offer. Receipts, as previously explained, (ie the mere acknowledgment of having received the switching order), do not constitute acceptance of the offer. The contract with the client is in an available trip or power with the organizer or provider about when this acceptance of the offer the customer explained.
3. We assume no liability for the implementation of the presented or on the website booked travel services / offers and make no representation regarding the suitability or quality of travel services / offers shown on the website. Responsible for this is the respective operators / providers with which the customer signs the contract.

3. Service fee

1. The customer asked us as part of an agency agreement in order to advise him with regard to the performance of the operator or provider and give him this. In part, this service charges are levied.
2. The service fee is payable in addition to the requirements of operators and providers and payable immediately. As part of the distribution of package holidays, the customer is required to pay a service fee only listed in the price list special services of the mediator, unless it is individually agreed otherwise.

4. inclusion of standard terms of operators and service providers

The contractual relationship between the customer and the operator or provider who settled these terms of contract and the general terms and conditions (GTC) of the organizer or provider, or their service providers apply. These terms and conditions and the general terms and conditions (GTC) are named in the various invitations to tender and made available. Therein can lie, for example, payment terms, provisions on due date, liability, cancellation, modification and reimbursement as well as other rights and obligations to be regulated. The customer is obliged to inform themselves as to the precise content of the applicable contractual terms and terms and conditions (GTC) in the offered information, especially if provided by playing on the site. Ignorance of the terms can not used as an argument by customer but must is a  reasonable manner advise themselves of   available contract terms and conditions.

5. Customer Obligations

Any deficiencies in our placement services must be reported to us without any delay. We must be given the opportunity to remedy the situation. Without this, no fault can be applied and all claims by the customer under the agency contract, insofar as reasonable remedy would have been possible through us. Remain unaffected claims of known liability.

6. Insurance

We refer  the possibility and the possible need for the conclusion of appropriate insurance, especially

  • travel cancellation insurance and / or insurance to cover repatriation costs in case of accident or illness,
  • baggage insurance,
  • international health insurance.
  • Examination of the need to conclude and the capacity of the above or other insurance sole responsibility of the customer.

7. Payment of the price

1. As far as we travel or other services invoiced and collect related payments, this is done in the name and for the account of the organizer or provider. Without prejudice to these rights, we are entitled to collect service charges.
2. The payment terms are governed by the terms and conditions (GTC) and other rules of the organizer or provider. If we accept payments for organizers of a package, so we can before the end of the trip obtain afterwards the security note in accordance with § 651 k Abs. 3 BGB demand payments on the travel price and accept. A deposit we require in such a case on behalf of the organizer is only after submission of the security note in the amount of up to 20% of the price.
3. We reserve the right to charge back any fees for credit card payments or direct debit to the customer.

8. liability

1. We are not responsible for the mediation success or the provision of the service itself, but only that the agency with the necessary care is taken. When giving advice and information requested under the law, we are liable for the careful selection of the source of information and proper disclosure to the customer. A liability for the correctness of given information does not exist in accordance with § 676 BGB. This does not apply when a special information contract has been completed.
2. We are in the reasonable extent endeavor to ensure that the information available on the website, software and other data, especially in terms of prices, restrictions and dates, at the time of publication date, complete and correct.
3. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, reliability and admissibility of foreign contents, unless it meets the respecting legal liability reasons.
4. We are not liable for the non fault of our loss, destruction or damage of the documents relating to the shipment.

The individual information on the (package) travel and services are based on information the organizer or provider. This does not guarantee any of our side are. All presented on the website services are limited. We are not responsible for the availability at the time of booking. This does not apply if anything incorrect or inaccurate information were known or commercially in use and have been known to industry-standard care. In that regard, our liability for the must-know such circumstances, however, in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence.



D) Travel Conditions



Please note that this trip following conditions apply only to cases in which we organizer of your booked travel within the meaning of § 651 para. 1 BGB. Please read this particular thein Part A) Preliminary principles set outnotes the conditions under which the organization of a (package) is present trip.

1. Conclusion of the travel contract

1. By registering, the customer agrees to accept us as organizers until the conclusion of a travel contract. You can register using the provided booking routine on the Internet. Only in cases where this is expressly stated in the itinerary, booking routine, the catalog, or to the prospectus, the application as specified there, the form can also be in writing, orally, by telephone, by fax or email.
2. The underlying of us on the Internet or other booking descriptions of travel services rates shown do not represent binding contract offer.

By entering their data and submitting the online form, the customer makes a binding contract offer. Registration takes vouch for all participants listed in the application for their contractual obligations, the customer as for his own obligations by the customer if he has assumed a corresponding separate obligation by express and separate declaration.

3. Possibly informed receipts (ie the mere acknowledgment of having received the switching order) does not constitute acceptance of the offer.
4. The contract is concluded by us with the acceptance. Acceptance requires no particular form, but is usually done for bookings on the Internet by an electronically transmitted acceptance. At or immediately after conclusion of the contract we provide the travel confirmation.

2. services and service changes

1. Other descriptions of travel services, including the local prices are only and only part of the contract, as expressly referred to in the terms of reference published on the Internet on it. These remain unaffected with the customer as a validly concluded additional agreement.
2. Changes and deviations of essential travel services from the agreed content of the travel contract, which become necessary after conclusion of the contract and which were not caused by us in bad faith, are only permitted if they are not substantial and do not impair the overall form of the tour.
3. Possible warranty claims remain unaffected if the amended services are defective.
4. We are obliged to immediately inform the customer about changes or deviations.
5. In the event of a change of an essential travel service, the customer is entitled to withdraw without cost from the contract or to demand participation in at least an equivalent trip if we are able to offer such a trip without additional cost to travelers from our offer. The traveler must assert these rights immediately after our statement on the amendment of the travel service to us in law.

3. Payment of the price and delivery of travel documents

1. We can only after obtaining the security note in accordance with § 651 k paraBefore the end of the journey. 3 BGB demand payments on the travel price and accept. A deposit will be demand only after submission of the security deposit in the amount of up to 20% of the price. The deposit will be deducted from the price. The final payment is due three weeks prior to departure with us, provided that the security deposit has been delivered and the trip can not be canceled from the date specified in Section 8.2 Basic.
2. If the tour does not exceed 24 hours, includes them no night and exceeds the price of rice EUR 75, – not, the total price can be paid without hand over a security note.
3. You will be given time prior to departure, all travel documents. For reasons of time if the delivery of the original documents is not possible, we will send the voucher or legitimacy by fax, email, orally or in otherwise appropriately.

4. price increase

1. We reserve the right to change the agreed with the travel contract price in case of increase of transportation costs or charges for certain services such as port or airport fees or a change in the rules for that trip exchange rates accordingly as follows:

1st to increase the existing upon conclusion of the travel contract transport costs, particularly fuel costs, so we can increase the travel price according to the following calculation:
a) With respect to the incremental seat increase, we may require the passenger to increase amount.
b) In other cases, required by the transport company per means additional transportation costs are divided by the number of seats in the agreed means of transport. The resulting increased amount for the single,may be  required of the passenger.
2. If the existing upon conclusion of the travel contract charges, such as port or airport charges, increased compared to us, the tour price may be increased by the appropriate proportionate amount.
3. An increase is only permitted if are more than 4 months between the contract and the agreed travel date and not yet occurred leading to the increase circumstances prior to closing and were not foreseeable at the conclusion of the contract for us.
4. In the event of a subsequent change of the price we have to inform the traveler immediately notified. A price increase is only permissible if it is required until 21 days before the agreed deadline rice. If the price increases by more than 5% the traveler is entitled to cancel at no cost from the contract or to demand participation in at least an equivalent other travel, if we are able to offer such a trip without additional cost to travelers from our offer.
5. The traveler must assert these rights immediately after our statement on the revision of the price to us in law.

5. Cancellation by the customer prior to departure (cancellation fees) and rebooking

1. The customer may withdraw at any time prior to departure from the trip. it is recommended to explain the resignation by writing. The organizer loses the right to the tour price if the customer cancels prior to departure or start of the trip. In case of cancellation or failure to travel the organizer may demand compensation for the travel arrangements made and for his expenses if the cancellation is not attributable to him or a case of an act of nature. In calculating the compensation claim expenses saved and the possible other use of travel services are taken into account. The promoters may be, for contractual start of the journey in a percentage of the travel price fixed per person calculated as follows this replacement claim consideration of the following structure according to the proximity of the time of withdrawal:

a) for air travel packages:

  • up to 30 days before departure 20%
  • from 29 to 22 days before departure 30%
  • from 21 to 15 days before departure 40%
  • from 14 to 7 days before arrival 50%
  • from 6 days before departure 55%
  • from non-appearance 75%

b) Cruises:

  • until 30 days before departure 25%
  • from 29 to 22 days before departure 40%
  • from 21 to 15 days before departure 60%
  • from 14 before traveling 80%

c) vacation villas and apartments :

  • for 61 days before departure 20%
  • the 60th to the 35th day before departure 50% of
  • the 34th day before departure 80%
2. the customer is at liberty to prove to us that we have incurred no or significantly less damage, than the lump sum will be demanded.
3. We strongly recommend taking out cancellation insurance.
4. changes (eg changes to the travel date, the destination, the place of departure, mode of transportation, accommodation, etc.)  (With flight-only services EUR 15, – per person) – we fulfill the transfer request nevertheless  EUR 25 per person will be charged.

After the start of this section 5.1. time limits is a reposting excluded.

Services 6. Unused

In undrawn properly offered services due to premature return or other compelling reasons, we will strive to reimbursement of these from the service providers. The obligation does not apply if it is totally insignificant or if legal or official regulations preclude it.

7. Termination by us for reasons in the behavior of the traveler

We can after the start of the journey cancel the contract without notice

ifyou bother making the journey sustained despite a warning or behave contrary to the contract to such an extent that immediate termination of the contract is justified. Despite our notice, we reserve the right to the full fare; However, we must be credited the value of the expenses saved and the benefits we obtain from other use of unused capacity, including the amounts credited by our service providers.

8. Cancellation due to not reaching the minimum number of participants

1. Due to not achieving the minimum number we can only withdraw if
a) was named in the tour of the affected travel the minimum number and the date by which the notice of withdrawal was received by the traveler before departure and
b) clearly legible reference to this information in the travel confirmation.
2. A cancellation must be received 23 days prior to departure of the travelers and it Is already apparent at an earlier date that the minimum number of participants can not be reached, the right of withdrawal is immediate.
3. If the trip is not carried out because of the withdrawal, the price paid will be refunded immediately.

9. Customer Responsibilities

1. You are obliged to cooperate in service disruptions within the legal provisions in order to avoid any damage or minimize.
2. They are particularly obligated to give your complaints immediately to the local tour management. This is asked to take remedial action, if possible. There is not a local tour guide, the remedy request must be sent directly to us.
3. if a trip contains lacks and the Tour Operator within a reasonable time does not help, the traveler can travel the contract in accordance with legal provisions – in his own interest and for evidence reasons in writing is recommended – terminate. The same applies if the trip is subject to deficiencies, the organizer can not be expected discernible reason. A deadline for providing redress does is not maintained or if redress is impossible or is refused by the organizer or if immediate termination of the contract by a special interest of the traveler is justified. If the contract is subsequently canceled, the traveler reserves the right to return transportation. He owes the organizer only attributable to the services used part of the price,and those that were of interest to him.
4. damage or delays in delivery of baggage and cargo on airplanes will be referred to  the organizer immediately on the spot, but no later than seven days after discovery of the damage with luggage, for goods within 14 days since the adoption, in case of delay within 21 days after the luggage or goods have been provided to the traveler by means of loss (PIR) indicate to the relevant airline. Airlines maintain the right to reject refunds when the claim form is not filled out. In addition, the loss, indicate damage or misdirection of baggage, the tour guide or the local representative of the organizer.

10. Exclusion of claims and limitation

1. Claims for non-contractual provision of the trip has to be made within one month of the contractual end of the journey between the tour organizer and the customer. After the deadline, the customer can only assert claims if they has been prevented from meeting the deadline through no fault of their own .
2. The limitation period is suspended during negotiations on the claim until the traveler or tour operator refuses to continue the negotiations. The statute of limitations is limited to at leans 3 months after the suspension ends.
3. toour claims are subject to the statutory limitation period.

11. Passport, visa and health regulations

1. We are responsible for ensuring that customers who are nationals of the European Community, are informed of passport, visa and health regulations before the contract as well as any possible changes prior to departure. Citizens of other countries must provide the relevant consulate with information.
2. We are not liable for the timely issue and receipt of the necessary visas by the respective diplomatic representation unless the traveler has commissioned us with the procurement.
3. The customer is responsible for obtaining and carrying the necessary travel documents, any necessary vaccinations and compliance with customs and currency regulations. All disadvantages, especially the payment of cancellation costs incurred, resulting from non-compliance with these rules will be at the traveler’s own expense. This does not apply if the customer has been informed culpably not, insufficiently or wrongly by the organizer.
4. The traveler should inform additionally about infection and vaccination and other preventive measures in good time; if necessary, medical advice should be sought for thrombosis and other health risks. To general information, particularly in the public health authorities, experienced in travel medicine doctors, tropical medicine, travel medicine information services or the Federal Center for Health Education is referenced. This does not affect our legal information obligations.

12. Duty to identity of the operating air carrier

According to EU Regulation 2111/2005, the organizer is obliged to inform the traveler when booking about the identity of the operating carrier of all services to be provided in connection with the booked holiday air transportation services. If unclear, the operating airline, first is probably the operating carrier to identify and then to inform the traveler accordingly as soon as the operating airline is established. With a change of operating carrier, the organizer has to inform the subscriber without delay. The information about the operating airline within the meaning of EC Regulation 2111/2005 does not establish a contractual right to the implementation of air transport with the said airline and does not therefore guarantee travel, unless an assurance results from the travel contract exists. As far as it is contractually permissible and, the organizer is a change of airline expressly reserved.

Published by the European Commission on the basis of EC Regulation 2111/2005 “Community list” of unsafe airlines is available on the website http://ec.europa.eu/transport/air-ban/ available.